Congrats! You got your first order. 

Now what... 

Once a customer in your neighborhood places an order you will get a text message and an email.

Step 1: Go to

Review your orders 

Step 2:  Review your order details. 

Scheduled Window is the time frame in which you should pick-up the order. Review the address, make sure it's valid. 

Pick-up Method help you understand how the customer wants to interact with you.

The customers phone number is visible, please only call the customer when you are at the location and cannot find the customer. 

For other issues contact BoxHero directly. 

Step 3:  Review your box details. 

Reviewing these details will help you understand what you are picking up. See the images provided by the customer

You can see this example has a need for a Envelope or a Poly Bag. 

You can also download the label ahead of pick-up. 
Step 4:  Pick-Up Order

Please pick-up the order during the window. 

Take a picture of the item picked up and upload it. 

Step 5:  At the Store, printing the label and package the items.

Select Picked Up and Upload the Tracking Number. 
Order has been completed.

Please scan this order in your own POS/Shipping Software for Drop-Off Credit.


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